ZMorph 2.0 SX

ZMorph 2.0 SX是ZMorph多功能3D打印機的最新升級版,它承襲了ZMorph 2.0S的超卓功能,再加上多項不同的進化設計,不但令機器更易用,還大大增加了將來的擴充性。大家一起來看看ZMorph 2.0SX有什麼新設計吧!

ZMorph 2.0 SX is the news upgrade version of ZMorph multitool 3D printer. It inherits the superior capabilities of ZMorph 2.0S and combines them with various design improvements. The result is an extremely easy to use machine with excellent future extensibility. Let's see what's new in ZMorph 2.0S now!



ZMorph 2.0 SX提供了一個更方便的工作床更換系統,新的工作床是由磁石固定,更換時無需其他工具輔助。新的系統配合原有的轉換工具頭設計,讓用家輕鬆游走於3D打印丶CNC和激光功能之間。


New Worktable Switching System

ZMorph 2.0 SX features a new and faster worktable switching system that complements our well know interchangeable toolhead system. The new worktables simply click-in, using a magnet mounting system. Going from 3D printing to CNC and laser has never been easier.



ZMorph 2.0 SX配有全新的LCD觸碰式螢幕及操作系統,令用家使用打印機時就如使用智能電話或平板電腦一樣方便。


LCD TouchScreen

We gave the 2.0 SX a color LCD touchscreen and a completely new interface to make desktop fabrication even more accessible. Basically, using a 3D printer feels now like using a smartphone or a tablet.


Closed Loop系統

ZMorph獨有的Closed Loop系統就像一個打印監督員,它監察著打印過程並根據數據調節參數,令高速打印及CNC更可靠。


Closed Loop System

Introducing ZMorph’s unique Closed Loop System. The system works like a guard - it monitors the printer and maintains precision at all times, especially when printing at high speeds, or CNC milling with high torque. It’s reliability reimagined.



重新設計及以精準鋁材組建的機身丶全新的保護罩和其他改進設計令ZMorph 2.0 SX更可靠丶精準和整理。


Upgraded Constructions

Redesigned hardware, precision laser cut aluminum parts, all new side covers and that's not all. We’ve made the new ZMorph 2 SX more reliable, precise and clean around your workspace.



每部ZMorph 2.0SX均配備了重新設計的保護罩。除了保護作用外,它亦提供了一個穏定的打印環境,令打印更可靠時又可讓用家親眼目睹創造過程。


See Through Covers

New front, back and sides transparent covers that come in standard with every ZMorph 2.0 SX. They act as a protective shell, isolating the machine from outside factors, and providing stable printing temperature, security and cleanliness. Looking through them to see the machine at work is just mesmerizing.



ZMorph 2.0SX在原有的工具頭托架上設置了一個磁力附加模組插位,讓用家隨意配置新的模組,例如冷卻小風扇。


Pro add-ons

ZMorph 2.0 SX features an expansion slot on the X carriage with a magnet mounting system. This unique concept allows connecting add-ons for special jobs in no-time. So if you need more cooling power, you just click in an additional fan - simple as that.