What is ZMorph?

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ZMorph 3D個人創作工房 (Personal Fabricator) 是一部革命性的多功能創意科技產品。她配備了獨有的可換工具頭設計,集中了3D打印、食物打印、CNC雕刻、激光切割/蝕刻等功能於一身,讓您可以快速把意念利用塑膠、巧克力、木材、陶瓷、紙張或橡膠等物料變成實物。使用ZMorph個人創作工房一點都不困難,只要運用功能卓越並完全免費的Voxelizer軟件,便可以輕鬆驅動ZMorph個人創作工房替您發揮無限創意,開展精彩萬分的創造旅程。



ZMorph 3D Personal Fabricator is a revolutionary multi-purpose fabrication machine. It has a unique removable toolhead design and is capable of performing 3D printing, food printing, CNC milling and laser cutting/engraving. With ZMorph and it's free companion software, Voxelizer, you can quickly and easily use plastic, chocolate, wood, ceramic, rubber, etc. to bring your imagination to reality.  

100% Made in Europe


ZMorph 2.0SX