所有從Beets購買的ZMorph 3D Personal Fabricator均可以享受以下的售後服務:

  • 1年免費保養期 (包括正常使用情況下損壞之工具頭、打印工作台及電子零件)。
  • 永久電郵支援服務
  • 上門維修或訓練服務 (只限香港地區及需另收費)。
  • 所有支援、保養及零件更換服務均由Beets提供,用戶可享有一站式本地服務。

Beets provides the following after sales service to customers buying ZMorph 3D Personal Fabricators from us:

  • 1-year FREE warrantee (includes defective toolheads, working platform and electronics under normal usage)
  • Permanet email support service.
  • Onsite support and training service (limited to Hong Kong and additional fees apply)
  • All support and maintenance service is provided by Beets locally.